Shift Invert Coding

Objective :
Implementation of low power coding technique Shift Invert Coding in 180nm technology

EDA Tools : Electric, LT

Low power VLSI circuit design is one of the most important issues in present day technology. One of the ways of reducing power in a CMOS circuit is to reduce the number of transitions on the bus and Bus Invert Coding(BIC) is a widely popular technique for that. In this paper we introduce a new way of coding called the ShiftInv Coding(SINV) that is superior to the BIC technique. Our simulation results show a considerable reduction on the number of transitions over and above that obtained with bus invert coding.


Power Supply : 1.8 V

Avg Number of Transitions/Cycle

 8 4 3.2 3.17
 16 8 6.8 6.6
 32 16 14.2 13.8