Dr. B G Shivaleelavathi, HOD, ECE Dept., JSSATE, Bangalore

It was and will be a very nice experience for us when you and your team were training our students for "VLSI Design Course" at ECE Dept., JSSATE, Bangalore. Our students say that the training was in detail and highly informative.  The fees was very very less and course content was more than the money they paid.  The students enjoyed and learnt about the VLSI course both theoretically and practically.

KT ians were very dedicated and punctual in keeping up their promise about the training. Also they are hard working,  energetic, knowledgeable and sincere.

     I wish them all the best in future and let them train more and more students at   affordable fees.

Students Testimonial


Akhilesh K N, Verification Engineer, Mindtree
I would like to thank "Kanada Technologies" very much for shaping my career. The quality of training is exceptionally good. The course has given me a firm understanding of different topics of VLSI and hands on experience of industry standard tools, helping me kick start a great career. I shower my heartfelt thanks to all the faculty members and staff of Kanada Technologies for their constant support and guidance.

 Sachin Kumar, Physical Design Engineer, DXCorr Design Inc

KT provides a best platform for learning. Regarding teaching its the best, as the faculties are professionals from VLSI companies. I have learned a lot, with the knowledge I acquired @KT is actually helping me a lot at work. I am pretty much impressed with Instant doubt clarification and good interaction of Faculties @KT. Truly I feel very lucky to be a part of KT.

Rohit Rachapudi, Trainee Layout Engineer, Altran Technologies India Pvt Ltd

I had trained from kt and got placed in Sicontech. 
The training in kt is really good. They teach basics very clearly and also keep a friendly environment so that we can clarify even small doubts also . They make u perfect at theoretical concepts , correlate them by practical implementation on layouts . more number of lab sessions to get good experience on tool. Last thing is they also train you how to face the questions in interview.

  Chetana P, Spontey Computer System Pvt Ltd

It was extremely useful and a necessity for all new graduates to attend. The training was very useful and we learned more than what I had expected. The tips that were provided made me to understand it better. I vote a special thanks to Kanada Technologies for training me best in VLSI.

Akhilesh R, 
Circuit Design Engineer, DXCorr Design Inc

My Experience with Kanada Technologies was realy good. This was when i started developing interest in VLSI. The hands on experience with the industrial tools and the theory classes helped me to get placed in a VLSI company and thus helped me to persuade my masters in VLSI. This course was really helpful for me in selecting my career path and I wish my best regards and thank the KT team for all the support and hard work.

  Amit Prakash Gonnagar , Student, University of Massachusetts Lowell

To talk about Kanada Technologies, I had the best experience of my life when I was undergoing a circuit design course with KT. They have really amazing faculty and combo of classroom and lab session is incredible.

From day 1, I was taught about the basic MOSFET concepts and introduction to Cadence. Their tutorials material are helpful for all beginner do understand Cadence. All your doubts will we cleared immediately to your satisfaction. The hand on experience that I got on Cadence was really valuable for me as I was looking ahead for a career in VLSI domain. The industry experience shared by faculty members helped me understand the present market requirements and work accordingly towards interviews. The guidance I received while working on my project and the in depth knowledge I received on Cadence is helping me in my Master’s.

Joining KT was one of my best decision. I am really thankful to all the KT members for teaching and supporting me in every possible way.

Thank you very much and I wish KT and all the associated members All the Best.

                                                                                                                                                                                                  Rakshith Chikkanna, Consultant, ARM

Kanada Technologies is currently one of the best VLSI training institute in Bengaluru. The training schedule mainly concentrates on providing in depth knowledge on every single basic VLSI concepts. The trainers in this organization have more industrial experience and their teaching is exceptional. These guys provide an excellent training on tools which was very important for me as an amateur. They concentrate on every single individual, so that they can flourish in their career. So as a fresher this is the best institute to start with to build your skills. 

The training time which i had spent in this institute has helped me to have a good command on my VLSI skills. I am very thankful for Kanada Technologies team for their support and guidance. 

Nithin K S, RTL Design Engineer, Sankalp &KPIT Semiconductor Pvt. Ltd

Kanada Technologies are unique in their way of teaching. The Courses offered here concentrate more on working with the tool which is very important as a fresher. This course has really helped me a lot.

Rahul Biradar, Layout Design Engineer, DXCorr Design Inc

Saying thank you is really too short to express how thankful I'm for all the support you provided me with. First of all, the quality of the training is exceptional. It's been two weeks here for me at DXCorr Design Inc, they've put me in a training session and everything seems like a cakewalk to me after the training I went through at Kanada Technologies. I'm being confident and Kanada Technologies being the biggest reason behind it.

Just a year ago I had less hopes of making it into a VLSI company and now i'm working with people who are graduated from institutes like NITs & IITs. A right guidance was all I needed which I found at Kanada Technologies.

Praveen K N, IC Layout  Engineer, NVIDIA

Kanada Technologies is one of the Best VLSI Training institutes in Bangalore. The dedicated people in this Organization will help individual to make there successful career in Semiconductor Industries. They are filling the gap between semiconductor industries and the educational institutes in Bangalore.

Poornima Manohar, Trainee, Analog Semiconductors Pvt Ltd

Kannada Technologies is a very good VLSI training academy. It is very much keen in training engineering students with theory, practicals and project guidance in VLSI domain. KT has faculty with industrial experience who are dedicated in training the students with an approach to build their career in VLSI industry. The courses offered will definitely help students getting through the interviews without any hardship and succeed in their career.

Rakshith Ramesh, Design Engineer, Zia Semiconductor

The time spent in training with Kanada Technologies was the most valuable time because it has helped me acquire skills like, "circuit design, layout design, spice simulations, perl and shell scripting", which are much sought after in the VLSI industry.

The training was systematic and also the trainers were excellent in delivering the content. The training team is committed to excellence and put their best efforts in teaching technical stuff and also in placement assistance. Overall it was an excellent learning experience. I would like to thank the Kanada Technologies team for their assistance and guidance.
Ajith K P, Trainee, Interra Systems

Kanada Technologies has faculties with good knowledge and industrial experience in the field of VLSI and their advices always help for building career. KT people always put maximum effort towards the training program and it is useful for improving technical knowledge as well as cracking interviews. The training by KT helped me a lot in improving theoretical and industrial knowledge.